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Thinking About Selling Your Business?

Selling a business is time consuming, emotive and can be costly if not executed correctly.  As our economy continues to prosper there is increased interest in small and medium enterprises across all sectors. This coupled with the availability of funding[...]

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No Deal Brexit – Are You At Risk?

Irish companies could be at risk of breaching Irish Company Law in the case of a No-Deal Brexit. The current law states that Irish companies must have at least one director who is a resident in the EU or EEA.[...]

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New Childcare Scheme – Up to €80 per month for Parents of Young Children

New plans to help parents of young children will see families across the board receiving at least an extra €80 per month coming their way. This will have more than just social benefits, and the outlay – nearly €20m of[...]

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Six Important Questions You Need To Ask About Apple Pay

Apple Pay is ‘the next big thing’ for speed and convenience when making purchases. The service launched in Ireland last month, and Roberts Nathan has put together this quick guide!   1) What the heck is Apple Pay?! Apple Pay[...]

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