Peter Roberts

Peter Roberts is the founding partner of Roberts Nathan, having established the firm in 1997. He specialises in advising owner manager company directors in various critical areas including enhancing business performance, preparing businesses for sale, exit planning and other key areas.

These areas differ from one client to the next depending on where they are in the business life cycle of their commercial entities. Over the course of the business life cycle, the primary areas of concern to owner-managers fall into four broad areas as follows:

  1. Profit and performance maximisation.
  2. Minimisation of tax charges in accordance with prevailing tax legislation.
  3. Protection for their businesses, themselves and their families.
  4. Wealth management in the context of Exit and/or Retirement

Planning, including Succession Planning and preserving the business going forward for the company’s future. 

In conjunction with his colleagues, Peter advises a wide range of business owners in Ireland and, to a lesser degree, overseas. The Brexit phenomenon has given rise to a significant increase in UK based client enquiries. Systems have been put in place within the firm to assist in these uncertain times.

To have an initial chat with Peter Roberts, his contact details are:

Mobile:  +353 (0) 86 813 8813