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Setting up and registering a new company in Ireland or the European Union (EU) is simple with Roberts Nathan. As one of Ireland’s leading full-service accountancy and business advisory firms our professional team will help you every step of the way from commercial and tax planning advice to simply opening a Euro company bank account.

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Doing business in Ireland FAQs

When deciding to set up a company in Ireland many of our clients had the following questions for us:

What do I need to consider when registering for a VAT number in Ireland? 
Difficulties can arise when registering VAT due to how common VAT fraud is and therefore the authorities can be slow to issue a VAT number. It helps if you have Irish-based clients, suppliers and/or employees as well as an Irish-based office. Registering for VAT is not mandatory and can take a number of weeks.

Is it possible to set up a business bank account as a non-resident and what’s required?
A face-to-face meeting with the bank and an Irish director is required and typically we would arrange this and facilitate the meeting for you. Usually, this takes about 2 weeks after you meet with the bank.

How long does it take to register a limited company?
We find it takes 4 working days from when we receive all the signed documents from you.

What are those documents? 
1. A copy of your passport
2. Proof of address

Audit and Assurance

Registering A Company in Ireland

What paperwork is required to be filed annually for this company?
An annual return must be filed by all companies with the Companies Registration Office (CRO).

Are the company directors required to be residents in Ireland?
No, it’s not a legal requirement, however, for tax residency purposes it is advisable to have an Irish-based director on the board of your company and we are able to provide that service for you should you require it.

Do I need a company secretary?
All Irish Limited Companies are required to have a company secretary. We can provide this for you.

How do I get a postal address in Ireland and do I really need it?
We can provide you with an Irish address in Dublin or Cork. Yes, registered companies in Ireland must have an Irish address.

How much does this all cost?
That all depends on what you need and want, no two businesses are the same, but rest assured we will advise and work together with you to minimise investment.

If you are considering registering a company in Ireland and would like our help in doing so, then please contact us at:

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