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An annual statutory audit of your financial statements should drive added-value for your business and help you understand the controls and processes and also the risk areas in your business.

Our dedicated team of auditors provide you with a wide range of audit and assurance services, including an annual statutory audit service, for SMEs and Large Corporations across all industry sectors. Audit Partners at Roberts Nathan have extensive experience and supply a personalised professional service. A partner is assigned to engage directly with each of our clients.

We provide real value and the audit process is tailored to your individual needs, while adhering to the statutory and regulatory requirements. The key objective is to ensure that we fully meet with your timeline requirements and objectives.

How Roberts Nathan
can help you:

For audit and assurance services that are partner-led and with a real interest and understanding of your business and not just a once-a-year box-ticking exercise please talk to us for a free initial meeting on your requirements. We are regulated under ACCA for the conduct of audit business and perform audits under FRS102 Ireland and UK and IFRS standards.

  • Audit and Assurance Service:
  • Annual audit of statutory financial statements
  • Grant application reviews and certifications
  • Internal accounting system reviews
  • Accounting procedure process reviews
  • Cost certifications for finance and funding applications
  • Group audit reporting to parent company auditors of Irish and UK subsidiaries.
Audit and Assurance

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Your organisation and management require an efficient and timely turnaround on the audit process. We understand this and we are committed to ensuring that you achieve this goal. We meet with management well in advance of the commencement of the audit fieldwork to provide you with a detailed list of our audit requirements so that your finance team can help ensure a smooth audit process.

Our tailored, risk-based approach involves detailed planning to ensure that our audit is conducted in compliance with International Standards on Auditing (ISAs UK and Ireland). As part of this planning, we endeavour to identify the key commercial areas where our audit resources should be applied, to ensure a cost-effective professional audit with particular emphasis on specific risk areas.

We will identify the controls upon which we wish to rely and audit them together with detailed substantive analytical review procedures to allow us to reduce the samples we select for substantive testing. There is significant emphasis on a “meaningful management letter” to identify areas for improvement in the financial processes of your business. Should you require, we will also provide a presentation on corporate governance, identifying the outcome of the audit process, noting significant issues and their resolution.

Our approach to Audit and Assurance and indeed to all our advisory services, is based on three key drivers:

Partner-led client service: ensures that there is upfront Partner involvement so that both you and Roberts Nathan have an agreed approach at the start of any work we do.

Regular communication: this enables us to provide proactive advice and deal with any tax issues and opportunities as they arise during the year.

Pragmatic approach: any advice provided includes a sensible quantification of costs and benefits (including non-monetary ‘hassle’ factors and impact on resources). The commercial drivers dictate the business decisions.

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